Bhairavas Guarding Maru Tole

Kāṣṭhamaṇḍap (Kasthamandap) literally means the wooden pavilion. But it is seemingly more than that.

The following is the list of eight Bhairavas guarding the Maru tole encircling the Bhuti Sa भुति सः (Chāyā Chatra Bhairava छायाँछत्र भैरव deity) and the Kasthamandap as well.

This list is collected in a local chronicle entitled Devatāharūko Vaṃśāvalī देवताहरूको वंशावली (unpublished, hereafter VD) compiled by Pundit Dineśānanda Rājopādhyāya (born 1923 A.D. | 1984 B.S. in Kāṭhmāṇḍu, Nepāl). It is compiled in pp. 923-925 under the section named ।। काठमाडाैँ, मरु टोल, अष्ट भैरवको बयान् ।। :

Chronicler Rājopādhyāya (pp. 928) mentions that he compiled the information from a collection of Dr. Yogendra Bhakta Śreṣṭha (Kāṭhmāṇḍu, Nepāl) on 19 January 1979 A.D., Friday (B.S. 2035 Māgh 5).

Rājopādhyāya, Dineśānanda. (n.d.). Devatāharūko Vaṃśāvalī. [Unpublished].
MS in collection of his son
Rājopādhyāya, Gauravānanda ‘Rāju’.

Eight Bhairavas Guarding Maru Tole

Alternate Name Location Description
1 Aṣitāṅga Bhairava
असिताङ्ग भैरव
Ānanda Bhairava
अानन्द भैरव
गणेश दास साल्मीको घरको पश्चिमतर्फ
2 Ruru Bhairava
रुरु भैरव
मरु सत्तलको पश्चिम दक्षिणको कुना
3 Caṇḍa Bhairava
चण्ड भैरव
Svacchanda Bhairava
स्वच्छन्द भैरव
सिंह सत्तलको मुनि, भीमसेनस्थान जाने
4 Krodha Bhairava
क्रोध भैरव
अशोक विनायकको घर मुनि
5 Unmatta Bhairava
उन्मत्त भैरव
मरुहिटी जाने बाटोको दायाँतर्फ बाटोमा
6 Kapālī Bhairava
कपाली भैरव
Kapāl Bhairava
कपाल भैरव *
मरु टोलको नासःद्यःको सत्तलको दक्षिण
तर्फको कुनामा
7 Bhīṣaṇ Bhairava
भीषण भैरव
छाया छत्र पीठका पूर्व भागमा पन्त, जोशी बाहुनको घरको कुनामा
8 Saṃhāra Bhairava
संहार भैरव
मरु गणेशको ठूलो घण्टा मुनि

* As mentioned by the VD.

I have so far located seven of these Bhairavas, and confirmed it based on local lore. It would be interesting to locate all these Aṣṭabhairavas and see what symbolic meaning (if any) it has to present.

Please share your thoughts.
  1. Shriju Pradhan says:

    Thanks for this article! Great knowing it! Can we pin point all these Bjairavas in the existing drawing or map!