Elegant Details

Extant drawings of Kasthamandap interior, from the sublime Italian tome Architettura Himalayana. These details will be useful when we faithfully rebuild Kasthamandap.

From V. Sestini and E. Somigli, Architettura Himalayana:Architettura tradizionale nella valle di Kathmandu / Himalayan Architecture: Traditional architecture in the Kathmandu Valley. Polistampa (2007).  Buy here (Amazon) or here (Italian publisher).

Please share your thoughts.
  1. I had once collected some “oral” stories regarding Kasthamandap, and have few collections regarding this structure. But I do not have them organized at one place, which shall take almost a month for me. I also know few people connected with the rituals in the Kasthamandap, except that of Gorakhnath. Plz feel free to contact me, if these materials would be of any help.

    • Dipesh Risal says:


      This would be extremely useful. I will contact you privately. I can even help with the organization of the material, if you want. Thank you for getting in touch.

  2. Gaurav Shrestha says:

    Dear Dipesh Jee,
    Many thanks for sharing such valuable information. I am an Architect at Hanumandhoka Durbar Square Conservation Programme under KMC Office. We are collecting as many such information as possible regarding the tangible and intangible customs related to the Kasthamandap. Please do help us with any other related information.

    Thank you again.

    Gaurav SHRESTHA

    • Dipesh Risal says:

      Dear Gaurav Ji,

      Thank you for contacting me. Please go ahead and use all the drawings and photos you can access at the web site. I am sure an official library or collection has all of the books from which I extracted the drawings/ photos. If that is difficult to find, I am sure the publishers/ authors would be willing to share the information for the greater good of heritage preservation, so do let me know if I need to send scanned images with more details.

      Finally, I will have much more photographic documentation of Kasthamandap posted publicly to this web site once I finalize a few technicalities with the owner of the historic photographs, of which there are many!