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Excerpt from an interactive 3D model of Kathmandu Darbar Square by Pasa Studios. The Kasthamandap content begins around 1:08. Attempts to contact the producers for further details on the project, including availablility of the software, have been unsuccessful.



Ganesh shrines (Ashok Binayak, Jal Binayak, Karya Binayak and Surya Binayak) used to grace the four inside corners of the ground floor of Kasthamandap. Post-earthquake, all four shrines and statues within are unaccounted for.



A time-lapse motion capture of Kasthamandap. The constant stream of people in and out of Kasthamandap attests to its popular use as a lived space.

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  1. Dear Dipesh ji,

    I am glad that you featured our video “interactive 3D model of Kathmandu Darbar Square” in your blog. For more detail about the video you may mail me:

    Thank You

    Bhushan Pradhan

    • Dipesh Risal says:

      Dear Bhushan ji, wow I have been looking forward to your response for quite some time and am really happy to receive it. Will follow up via email. Thanks for your amazing initiative on Darbar Square.